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Diya Consultancy is one of the most sought-after Placement Agencies in Kolkata (West Bengal) with its specialization lying in Overseas Placement. We understand the dreams of a job aspirant and realize that many strive hard to achieve a decent pay package in the foreign countries. We have a team of experts that keeps a constant watch on the overseas market trends and job openings, which is then communicated to the suitable candidates. Avail our assistance in order to realize the dream of getting an Overseas Placement!

Diya Consultancy: How getting an overseas placement help your career

As one of the most dependable placement agencies, Diya Consultancy not only offers job placements locally, we also offer ones from different countries. We understand that a lot of people dream of working abroad so they can provide more for their family. 

Here at Diya Consultancy, we’d love to help you make those dreams come true. Many strive to look for job placements abroad with fair and decent pay packages. Our team will be glad to help you look for the perfect job.

Our dedicated and friendly team keeps a lookout for the latest job listings from other countries. They will inform you about these and assist you with your application. However, getting a job abroad is more than just providing for your family. 

Let us show you what other benefits you may enjoy when working abroad:

It looks great on your CV

Working abroad forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and to some companies, your experience will be an asset for them. Potential employers will see you as resourceful and determined. 

This means that they can rely on you more and won’t have to worry about how you do your work. They’ll also be confident about your skills since you’ve gained experiences you won’t obtain staying where you are.

Companies will also consider the experiences you gained while abroad. They know that you gained more knowledge in your time there than staying where you are. There are also countries that are more advanced in a field or industry. By gaining experience from them, local companies will value you and your knowledge as an asset in their company too.

Not only that but the lifestyle you were in working abroad also factors into your experiences. Working in a different environment will prepare you for different kinds of situations. Moving away from your comfort zone will force you to adapt to the change. 

This will make you more flexible which most employers are looking for. You’ll also be able to provide knowledge in the market in the country you worked in, which might benefit potential employers.

Get global networking opportunities

Aside from gaining experience, you’ll also meet a lot of people from different countries and walks of life. Sharing skills and knowledge with people from all walks of life will help you pick up their techniques and learn from their experience. This means that you not only have your experience to work with, you also have other’s that would be of great help professionally. 

Additionally, they can also be invaluable international contacts that will help you build the foundation of a global network. They can be a great source of new knowledge that they might have in their country not yet available to yours. They can also be a source of opportunities to work in the company they’re in or job offers you might not expect. 

Working abroad doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. The people you meet and work with can also be your lifelong friends. Since you’ll be with people from different nationalities, you might be able to experience a part of their culture too. 

You can also let them experience a part of your culture that might bring them closer as friends. You might even find yourself taking up new hobbies and interests and grow more as a person because of this.

Open yourself to bigger and better international jobs

Not only will you be given better opportunities in the companies in your country, but foreign employers will also see you as a great addition to their team. Working overseas, employers will see you as determined and committed to make a move. 

Future employers will have confidence in you as an employee. Possible employers will also see your overseas experience as a source of a new perspective. Staying in different countries, you’ll experience and gain knowledge that your or their country does not know of. You’ll see and experience things you won’t find at home.

You’ll also learn about the cultures of different countries and develop empathy for them. This, in turn, will be a great source of knowledge to be able to better understand the locals. 

Additionally, with this knowledge, you’ll have an advantage when applying for new jobs. This means you’ll have a wider choice of career to pursue. You can build up your knowledge and experiences while aiming for a dream job on the other side of the world.

From a company’s perspective, individuals who already have experience overseas will be a better fit. This is mainly because they have been exposed to more advanced processes and structures in international jobs. 

Additionally, some countries are looking for overseas professionals to fill the lack of skills or knowledge. There are some roles that are in demand because there isn’t enough local talent to fill the roles. For them, those who already have overseas work experience are committed and would be a great addition to their team.

It improves communication skills

Since you’ll be interacting with a lot of people from different cultures and countries, you’ll be able to develop stronger communication skills. This will also raise your confidence as you face challenging experiences. Your improved communication skills and confidence will also help as you meet professionals while progressing in your career.

Improved communication skills will also help you to develop both professionally and personally. You’ll be able to learn how to handle different kinds of situations from the people you meet. This will also make you reflect on what kind of professional you want to become. Getting first-hand experience from working abroad will give you a better understanding of the career you want to pursue.

Also, if you are in a country with a different language, you’ll have the opportunity to learn it too, even by just a little. Getting enough knowledge about the language, even just the basics, will allow you to engage more with your peers. You’ll be able to earn the respect of your peers and even open doors to more opportunities. It will also help you be more aware and active of what’s around you.

You get to see the world

What is the sense of travelling to an exciting destination if you can’t explore it? Every trip should be an opportunity for an adventure. You only get to live once so why not experience the world? This way, you’ll have a better understanding of the place you went to. 

During your stay, you’ll be able to understand how and why locals act in a certain way. You can even learn something that you can apply to your work.

You can also treat your placement as a mini vacation. Use your weekends to go on trips, explore the local scenes and eat the local cuisine. This is a way to discover something new in your travels. You’ll also be able to experience things you won’t experience staying at home. 

Additionally, travelling during weekends will also be relaxing. It will take your mind off things and your work, and you’ll get to enjoy your weekend. This will also improve your mood and your work production on your next workday.

In travelling, you also get to discover yourself. The new challenges you face will help you understand your strengths and test your limits. You’ll learn while you experience new things, and adapt to the changes.

Experiencing new things, you’ll find out what you truly like or dislike. You might not like something yet because you haven’t experienced it, but it could become your favourite once you do. It’s better to try things now than be disappointed by not trying them.

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